WorkLive™ is a real estate consulting service that helps you combine your workspace with your living quarters - Whether you need to find the right place to buy, sell your existing space, or advertise your facilities, we do it all! 


Our WorkLive™ projects are designed to provide opportunities for spontaneous interaction among residents, employees, and neighbors so that as they come and go, they have “interactive spaces” to brainstorm, collaborate, and move our city forward. 

WorkLive™ spaces bring together the home and office for the best of both worlds. This once “old” idea is now hip & modern. Remember the storekeeper that lived above his shop? Or the doctor’s office that just happened to be a room of his home’s foyer?  


The current state of the world has prompted employees to have an increased interest in working at a company that shows a strong work/live balance. Thus, WorkLive™ was created. At WorkLive™, we believe successful entrepreneurs should work to create their own work/live balance. 



By partnering with WorkLive™, you can Work and Live in the Same Place!

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