Shea has been an entrepreneur since 2004

and has set up her own WorkLive™ arrangements

to allow her companies to grow,

her employees to collaborate,

and achieve a better WorkLive™ balance

that allows her to spend time with her husband, Jim,

and her rescue wiener dogs, Rueben, Oliver, and Brutus. 

Since the pandemic it has become even more important to have a space that you can safely live and work in during your week.  Shea recently bought a 12,000 sq foot warehouse building in downtown Pittsburgh and is currently creating her first WorkLive™ project.   Fort Pitt will be a full shareable open office space on the first floor with six 1-2 bedroom apartments for rent.  Your work life is different now as you might only have to go into your downtown office 2-3 times per week and now you can stay close to your employer's office while having a safe place to live and work. 

Contact Shea today to set up your own WorkLive™ space so you can WorkLive™ in the same place! 


Jodi Hilliard is a Pittsburgh, PA, and Lake Chautauqua, NY, based Interior Designer focusing on functional home and office spaces. Her education includes a B.S., Business Management, and a graduate of The Interior Design Institute. 

She knows how to effectively tackle the challenges of creating harmoniously balances workspaces within the office and home, which makes the WorkLive™ concept such a great fit. She enjoys creating interiors that are not only timeless, but comfortable by way of amazing colors, furnishings, and textiles. Her scope of work consists of the renovation of homes in Sewickley, Chautauqua, and most recently, the interior of a home in Naples, FL. 

Jodi resides in Sewickley, PA, and Mayville, NY, with her husband, Jon, and two pups Olive and Bowie. 


Don't miss our upcoming seminar in March 2021 on the opportunities in Pittsburgh for WorkLive spaces!  Details will be shared in the next coming weeks. Contact us today to get on the list!

If you can't make it in March, we will host our first series of webinars in May, August, and November so let us know via the contact page if you're interested!

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