Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WorkLive™?

WorkLive™ is a real estate consulting service that helps you combine your workspace with your living quarters - Whether you need to find the right place to buy, sell your existing space, or advertise your facilities, we do it all! 


2. Where is WorkLive™ located?

WorkLive™is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


3. What services does WorkLive™ offer?

WorkLive™ offers a multitude of services including –

  • Ideal Structure

  • Workplace Design

  • Interior Design

  • Marketing Your Property

  • Lead Generation

  • Workplace Management


4. What are the benefits of WorkLive™?

There are many benefits to WorkLive™, including –

  • Cuts your commute time to seconds

  • Be safe and healthy while working within a large sharable safe office that is continually cleaned and sanitized

  • Better working conditions – less noise and less stress = happier workspace

  • Increased productivity – spend more time focusing on the tasks at hand

  • Avoid the cost and environmental impact of gasoline

  • Easier tax deduction than a home office

  • Avoid the weather

  • Balance your employer's office space schedule with your WFH life

WorkLive™ plays an important part in the quest for Pittsburgh to be one of the top entrepreneurial cities.  Ideas for small businesses often progress through different workspaces, from a spare room at home to the garage

(hello Apple), and then a WorkLive™ space. The progression from home occupation to WorkLive™ is an important part of our incubation cycle.   

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