Work from Home is Dead; Long Live Work From Anywhere

From Tech Crunch: Working from home has long been seen as a perk for some companies, but a lot of the old school thoughts of "If you're not in the office, you're not doing work," prevailed. Up until COVID-19 upended everything, at least. So, what's the future of working from home? Working from anywhere.

WorkLive Viewpoint: Working from home is becoming old news for many people who previously worked out of an office. What do you do when your home office starts to feel like a prison and the idea of waking up, rolling out of bed, and rolling onto the couch with your laptop one more day is likely to drive you crazy? Find somewhere else to work. Whether it's on a beach in Tahiti or just a neighborhood coffee shop's patio, working from anywhere is the new work from home.

Can Coworking Survive COVID?

From Protocol: Coworking spaces took off in the 2010s, but now that social distancing is in place, it's a dying industry. Is it possible for coworking spaces to make a comeback in what some are calling the "apocalypse" for the office?

WorkLive Viewpoint: Yes, going to a traditional coworking office is a bad idea right now, and will likely be one for the foreseeable future. One of the best things about having a coworking space below your apartment is that you know your neighbors and know who is taking appropriate steps to stay healthy. Because you don't have to leave home, take transportation somewhere, and work in a room of strangers, a coworking setup with minimal contact with strangers is the absolute ideal for someone who needs a coworking space.

Mixed-Use Developments Gain More Popularity

From Matthews: This article from 2019, when we didn't know what was coming, is a fascinating look at how consumer preferences were shaking up mixed-use developments, including living, working, and retail spaces.

WorkLive Viewpoint: According to the data in this article, 62% of Millennials prefer walkable communities and short commutes. It'll be interesting to see this statistic's updates post-2020. We can only assume that percentage will go way, way up. Not having to commute and being able to walk in the open air is absolutely crucial to both physical and mental health during a pandemic. Now that we're all used to this lifestyle, it's going to be pretty difficult to go back to taking the bus 20 minutes to work, sitting shoulder to shoulder with coworkers in an open office for eight hours, and taking the bus back home.

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