WorkLive Phase 1 has started!

The building has been chosen, the plans have been made, and the long awaited Phase 1 of WorkLive™ has begun! We're on schedule for a 2021 launch and couldn't be more excited.

So, what will WorkLive™ in Downtown Pittsburgh be like? We're still working on developing what exactly everything will look like in its final form, but we definitely have some solid plans we can share.

We'll have six apartments for rent, all of which give the renter access to a gorgeous, contemporary coworking space (with plenty of room for social distancing, of course.) Not only will this project provide a great place to work and live for our tenants, but the location means that Downtown Pittsburgh is literally their backyard!

With nearly everyone working from home for the foreseeable future, investing in a WorkLive™ concept building is a no-brainer. Not only does it provide ample office space for tenants, but it's also eco friendly (no driving to work!) and they get to avoid going out in the unpredictable Pittsburgh weather.

WorkLive™ Pittsburgh will be located at 223-225 Fort Pitt Boulevard. We can't wait to open!

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