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The days of long commutes, only seeing your family on the weekends, and requiring two separate lives of work vs. life is starting to be questioned by savvy business owners. With increasing population in city centers and and rise of entrepreneurship, Americans are seeking a new way to combine their work and life outside of work in a way that makes sense. For most people who own their own business, they are no longer seeking a building away from their home, but a home design that allows for both in the same building.

Several developers around the country are creating beautiful spaces that allow business owners to not only spend the necessary time to build their business, but also have the balance of seeing their family more. These new WorkLive spaces blur the lines between the traditional 9-5 and are more in sync with how most entrepreneurs work: having lunch with the ones you love and quickly going back to work.

This economically sustainable life allows residents to use the first floor for commercial use and the floors above for their home. This model is a great fit for not only long standing business owners and new entrepreneurs, but also families who want the extra income and rent out the space below. Plus, it's a great way to choose the cafe, deli or bike shop you want in your neighborhood!

Remote work has grown over 90% over the last ten years according to Global Workplace Analytics. Remote work is more common in cities and most college graduates (80%) would turn down a job offer from a company who didn't prioritize the balance in WorkLive. Flexible schedules and an office culture that prides itself on balancing work and life, is one of the most effective non monetary ways to retain employees. Productivity is also higher with flexible work arrangements.

WorkLive helps our clients find the right location, building and then design the space to work best for your unique business and life demands. We also share monthly tips in our newsletter and host multiple webinars and seminars throughout the year. Connect with us so we can chat about how we can best serve your WorkLive needs!

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